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Many PoWs included in their accounts the names of Italian individuals and families who helped escapers and evaders, often at great risk to themselves. The following is an initial list of names provided by MSMT supporters.


(Names supplied by MSMT supporters)

Name of helper POW assisted Village/town/area
Damiani, ModestoVarious, see below Lucca
Samuele Danti, Francesco Danti Frank Adams Magliano
Angelo Alberini & wife Frank Adams Magliano
Domenico Tonelli and daughter-in-law Francesca Tonelli Frank Adams Ponteccio
Sorelle Gelati Jack Clarke Fontanellato
Gotti family Jack Clarke Cannetolo
Maggi family Jack Clarke Secinaro
Buti family and Tarchiani etc. Jack Clarke Firenze
Giuseppe Baldini John Cowtan  
Don Enrico Porcignone (priest) etc. John Cowtan
Matilda Marazzi John Crossthwaite-Eyre Careseto, Parma (Dec 1943)
Cesare Anselmi & family Anthony Dobson Ponte del Olio
Cresti Bertuzzi & family Anthony Dobson Ponte del Olio
Luigi Migliorini & family Anthony Dobson Ponte del Olio
? _____ Metti Anthony Dobson Piacenza
Francesco Cordani Anthony Dobson  
Falco Celidonio Binks Forster Villetta Barrea
Ranieri family Henry (Bill) Garton  
Marco Labadini & wife, Maria Benzino (?) MJD (Mike) Goldingham  
Francesco & Elena Loro Tony Gregson Lived beside Campo 19 Bologna
Umberto Vitali Eric Hilder Chiavalli, Ancona
Cosimati family John Joel Chiese
Marzialetti family Albert Jones Massa Fermana
Silvio Davide & parents; Concetta, mother of Rosa Secola, Goriano Valli Roger Lawrence Abruzzo
Silvestro Parapini (farmer) Hauser (shopkeeper) Frederick Lightfoot Melinignano Milan
Luciano family Dezi family Donald Robinson  
Giuseppe Porcheddu, Federico Assandria, Vincenzo Gismondi & many others, incl. partisans Michael Ross  
‘Canada’ (aka not known), Francesco Ciavarra, Laura Sanciaculo, Bianca Olivieri, Signor Alessandri Charles Simpson  
Antonel family Noel Sims  
Medici family   Michael (Mick) Wagner Bologna
Carlo Mick Wagner San Marino
Edigio Cristalli Mick Wagner Near Fabriano
Gigi Cardona Mick Wagner Collamato
Carlo Bernadini (café owner), Diali Zeno (tobacconist), Lucia Grifoni & husband (Baker) Mick Wagner Esanatoglia
Agapite family Stephen Williams  
Tereso Terraniole JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Mario Ciorletto JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Enrico Biacio JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Antonio Dipietro JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Antonio Dante JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Antonio Antonelli JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Luigi Scarnecollia JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Ottilino Leone JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Barrea L’Aquilia JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
Francesco Eramo JE Kenwyn Walters Prezza
De Michaels family, Elfer family Leslie Young  

PoWs that were helped by Damiani, Modesto

  • Peter A. Marshall Lt. R.A. 187914
  • James Devaney c/o Lamont 2987472
  • Ralph P. Driver N. 79012 U.D.F.
  • Ray Harries WX 7111. AIF.
  • M.A. Knight Cpl. VX34393
  • P.C. Smith Pte. VX26317
  • E.T.H. Keith Forgan
  •  Pte Henry Robert Smith, South African Defence Forces Cpl Christison
  • Captain A.W. Jamieson        
  • Captain A.D. Moyle
  • T.H. Reith Forgan Lt. 14008
  • Lieut. John M.P. Walker, E.C. 1283
  • Mr Idwin Eeren, 393 Cardiff Road,
  • James Daveney
  • George Ashley
  • Bert Hitchin
  • J.M.P. Walker (illegible] 1283 Lieut. I.A.

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